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Travel Medical Coverage

Travel medical coverage provides temporary medical coverage when traveling outside your home country. Plans are also available for US citizens living outside the U.S. and for non-U.S. citiziens traveling outside their home countries. These policies include emergency care and political evacuation. You can choose your deductibles and maximum coverage.

Teacher and Student Travelers Coverage

Coverage is also available for students, scholars and teachers who are studying, teaching or working overseas. This coverage can last from one month up to four years. Group coverage is also availble for groups of five or more students. You can also protect your spouse and unmarried dependent children.

Trip Cancellation and Interuption Coverage

This coverage is for individuals and families that also protects against trip cancellation and interruption. You can even cover for baggage delay. 

Specialty Coverage

Specialty coverage is designed for the adventurous international traveler or the professional marine captains and crew members. The adventure plan is designed to protect those intending to participate in non-contact amateur athletic activities or group adventure sports.

Group Coverage

Group coverage is designed for two or more employees of multinational employers who are stationed at international locations. These plans can also include dental, life and disability benefits in addition to the medical coverage. Group coverage for five or more short-term international travelers are also available. 


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